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 Airsoft Anarchy PI-PO OPs

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PostSubject: Airsoft Anarchy PI-PO OPs   Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:48 pm

Airsoft Anarchy is going back to its roots. (PI-PO) Pack it In - Pack it Out, We are going to down size our Ops to provide a more realistic feel for our local teams. If you were not apart of Anarchy's very first Op then you are in store for some of the best Ops you will ever be part of. These is what you can expect -

1, Off site Ops, (Not at Poso)

2, All Intel given to Team Captains only

3, Detailed Missions

4, Number of opposing teams will be unknown

5, Number of enemies per opposing teams will be unknown

6, Location of AO (unknown until a 2 weeks before Op, GPS given only)

Post any question here.
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Airsoft Anarchy PI-PO OPs
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