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 Upcoming Ops for Anarchy

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Upcoming Ops for Anarchy Empty
PostSubject: Upcoming Ops for Anarchy   Upcoming Ops for Anarchy EmptySat Oct 29, 2011 1:03 pm

Upcoming Ops for Anarchy

We are currently working on collaboration with ODM-661.“Steel Wall” is an Op written by Banger, and it looks and feels like it is going to be one NOT to miss. "Steel Wall" is an action packed Op that will play well for the newest Airsofter and yet be very challenging for the best of the Veterian Airsofters too. We are working out the details such as date, time and location and as soon as those are ironed out, we will post you that information.

Airsoft-Anarchy is also working on an AA original Op. From the mind of Buck Wild comes “Disposable Heroes”. Imagine this, every Co and Xo from all surrounding team in the greater Kern County area are all forced to play on ONE team, and work together to not only to complete the mission they have been asked too, but stop the other factions from doing the same. Who are these factions you ask? They are the rest of all the Co’s and Xo’s team mates…… That’s right, if you want to take a crack at your Co and or Xo this is the event for you. We will keep you informed on “Disposable Heroes” as it develops.

So stay tuned to this forum for the heads up, and get your Intel way before your team mates do.

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Upcoming Ops for Anarchy
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