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 Nicaraguan Nightmare additional story line, hints, tips, and clues.........

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PostSubject: Nicaraguan Nightmare additional story line, hints, tips, and clues.........   Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:24 pm

Reports of Agent Tallahassee where about have been flooding in. Last report points to somewhere outside of Bocay. He is in search of something that is near and dear to him, but he might be under duress.......

Due to the ravaging effect of TZV many civilians are scattered about and looking for help and or refuge. But imbedded with these civilians are members of C.A.A.Z.B. trying to get within the camps of the other forces.......

Hhhmmmmmm whats this, a map of Nicaragua, I wonder if this will be helpful?

It appears there has been a real push by all three factions to reach out to any uninfected humans and get them in their ranks. Doing this without exposing yourself from a counter strike or giving hints and clues of your ultimate tactics is going to be a chore.

Apparently Agent Tallahassee has been looking for something in the northern section of Nicaragua. We are not sure what this item or these items could be but they appear to be near and dear to his heart. The one thing our Intel did tell us is that he may have the answer to his quest and not even know it.

The Intel Packs will be dropped off at Gorilla today at 12pm for the Co's and or Xo's to pick up. If you are not the Co or Xo you can not pick them up or even view them. How can you help you ask? Oh I don't know, maybe inform you Co and or Xo of this little bit on Intel...... I wouldn't go plaster it up on the message smart about it...... Enjoy!


All I'm going to say is Rio Blanca and Carnage!

Check here daily for more info...... and good job for finding these hints and tips........ Like.....

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Nicaraguan Nightmare additional story line, hints, tips, and clues.........
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