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 Anarchy's 2012/2013 Upcoming events

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Anarchy's 2012/2013 Upcoming events Empty
PostSubject: Anarchy's 2012/2013 Upcoming events   Anarchy's 2012/2013 Upcoming events EmptyThu Jun 21, 2012 5:05 pm

Nicaraguan Nightmare .......Just like last year, Anarchy in partnership with Gorilaa Airsoft will be throwing another bad ass Virus/Zombie game! And as good as last years was, this one is gong to blow that one away! With what we learned from last years event, we will push, pull, nipple twist and bit the rules, game flow and story line. If you missed last years, DO NOT MISS THS YEARS!!!! Coming in Oct 2012

Disposable Heroes........ Just imagine the movies "The Expendables", "Rambo" and "Red Dawn" all rolled up and put into one awesome Op.....well thats what we did...... more to come on this...... Op slated for early 2013.........

We will post info here, Our Website and the Kern Airsoft board.
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Anarchy's 2012/2013 Upcoming events
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